Richard Recupero

Field Coordinator

(603) 897-9717

Make sure fields are lined

Coordinate with VP’s to make sure no double booking of Fields

Contact for people that want to use the field other than regular practice times

Jennifer Clark

Practice Parent Coordinator

(951) 284-5553

Make sure each team has practice parents who helps the coach with drills, etc

These parents will be essential in helping the practices run smoothly

First Last

Team Parent Coordinator

Help get every team a Team Parent

Communicate to Team Parents

Organize snacks, field prep and score/time people, practice parents

Hand out Uniforms and return uniforms

First Last

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate the volunteers for Events 

List volunteer opportunities on crossbar

At the end of the season see who has not completed their volunteer hours

Kristen Moody

High School Booster Liaison

(423) 914-2176

Contact between High School and Youth Program

Get Help for Youth Nights, Trylax, Kids for Carline/Bus Ports, etc.

First Last

Feeder School Liaison

Send information about Organization to Feeder Schools

Coordinate Meet and Greet 

Coordinate High school players to come to Schools

Elissa Oshinski

Social Media and Marketing

(845) 802-3280

Update Social Media 

Banners for Registration

Yard Signs for Registration

Bess Wozniak

Registration and Website

(770) 769-7009

Maintain/update Crossbar with events and clinics

Manage and help parents with registration

Gretchen Mings


(770) 356-4059

Design and Order

Manage the uniforms

April Smith

Spirit Wear


Main Contact to Spirit wear vendor

Select what will be in spirit store

Susan Lock

Sponsors and Fundraising

(770) 715-3022

Main contact for Sponsors

Make sure sponsors are getting all of the things that were promised to them

In charge of Fundraising

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