Youth lacrosse in Kennesaw, GA serving McClure Middle School, Lost Mountain Middle School, Bullard Elementary School, Due West Elementary School, Durham Middle School, and Harrison High School.

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Welcome to Hoya Youth Lacrosse Fall 2020 Registration!


Hoya Youth Lacrosse has changed from the division of players based on Grade Groups to Age Groups so as to be in accordance with MAYLA (Metro Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Association).  These age groups correspond to US Lacrosse division guidelines and are at the U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14 levels.  The birthday divider between age groups is September 1.

However, HYLA will continue to organize by grade level in order for players to compete with their classmates.  Because of this, we ask all players to be registered by grade level while paying attention to the age limit.  If your player fits into a grade, but is outside of the listed age range, we will require a waiver be completed before the player can participate in MAYLA games.  If you need a waiver form, contact for instructions.

Example: A player with a birthday of 7/4/2008, but in 6th grade.  By the US Lacrosse guidelines, this player would fit into U14 and play on the 7th/8th grade team.  To be eligible to play on the 5th/6th grade team, this player would need to complete a waiver form.

Player Eligibility

Grades Division Birthday
K U6 After 9/1/2014
1st/2nd U8 9/1/2012 - 8/31/2014
3rd/4th U10 9/1/2010 - 8/31/2012
5th/6th U12 9/1/2008 - 8/31/2010
7th/8th U14 9/1/2006 - 8/31/2008




* Age eligible 9th graders (born after 9/1/2006) AND have not played on a HS level team are eligible to play on a MAYLA team.

Any 8th graders who play(ed) JV, are not eligible to play on a MAYLA team.

Once you have selected your Age/Grade group: 

  1. Click Begin Registration and create your account
  2. Continue
  3. On the next screen please fill in information about you the Parent/Guardian
  4. Submit
  5. On the next screen complete the Participant Information (In this section you are also asked to register for a US Lacrosse Membership. A US Lacrosse number is required for every player to be able to participate in the program.)
  6. Submit
  7. You are now able to review your information and complete payment (please note that your child will not be registered until the the payment process is complete)


US Lacrosse Membership

All players are required to have an active US Lacrosse membership for the duration of the season.  If you do not have a US Lacrosse Number or need to look it up, please visit the US Lacrosse website (links below).  US Lacrosse membership will need to be valid until the end of the season.


Registration Fees


  • 2020 Fall U6 - $100 - includes jersey
  • 2020 Fall U8 - $230 - includes full uniform
  • 2020 Fall U10 - $170
  • 2020 Fall U12 - $195
  • 2020 Fall U14 - $215


  • 2020 Fall U6 - $100 - includes jersey
  • 2020 Fall U8 - $160
  • 2020 Fall U10 - $175
  • 2020 Fall U12 - $190
  • 2020 Fall U14 - $205



  1. Receive a $25 discount for sibling registrations



Includes reversible jersey, shooter shirt and shorts (if you have a current uniform you do not need to purchase a new uniform).

  • Boys - $70
  • Girls - $45

For girls, the current uniform is the one that was introduced in Fall 2018.  For boys, the current uniform is the one that was introduced in Fall 2019.  Players without current uniforms will need new ones.